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Custom Made Jewelry Envelope, Large

$ 135.00

Select your favorite material from our list of fabrics and the Large Jewelry Envelope will be specially created and made by hand, with great care - just for you!  It takes about 4 weeks to have your custom order made and delivered to your doorstep.

A treasure in itself with its luxurious fabric and gleaming button each Large Jewelry Envelope has a personality all its own. If you are a performer and must travel with many changes of costume or you want to store your jewelry where you can see it all, the Large Jewelry Envelope is sure to meet your needs!

Your jewelry can be securely placed in the nineteen individual zippered pockets and you can see it all. The Large Jewelry Envelope folds in three and closes with a fold-over flap.  The flap secures with a loop and dynamic coordinating button. Inside are six rows of zippered pockets, each zipper has two pulls; this allows a pocket to be opened individually while keeping the others closed and secured.

The nineteen pockets are sized for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. We use top grade clear vinyl for long-lasting use.

Pleasing with its intrinsic beauty, the Medium Jewelry Envelope is a practical accessory that organizes and protects your jewelry like none other.

 Dimensions: 15" wide, 22"long (unfolded)
15" wide, 9.5" long, folded

About Our Buttons

River Sauvageau sources unique buttons for the Large Jewelry Envelopes. Each button is carefully chosen to alchemically enhance the pattern and colors of the fabric, bringing out the inherent beauty of the design.

Vintage, antique, new buttons from antique molds, hand carved, mother of pearl, metal, glass, horn, ceramic, plastic, wood, bakelite, gemstones and vintage brooches, single or stacked, buttons have all been used on our bags.

A Note About Our Construction And Washability

Since 1989 River Sauvageau has been designing and creating high quality bags in luxe fabrics with elegant and practical styling. With an emphasis on construction detail never seen by the end user, her bags have proven to please for almost three decades now.

The whole line has been designed and made to be machine washable, a great boon with fabric bags. Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent and air dry. Dirt and skin oils can wear on fibers therefore washing your bags occasionally, especially if used daily, will extend their life.

No leather is used on these vegan bags.

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