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Posted on March 08 2024

River is an experienced ceremonialist and has supported and helped many people in her communities, and continues to do so. In this season of life, in her eldership, it is time to offer what she has learned from a lifetime as an artist, community arts activist, craftswoman, volunteer, mentor and spiritual minister.

"My spiritual path has been a long and winding road. I was brought up as a Catholic and in my adolescence I realized that, for me, there was too much hypocrisy in religion, though I was attracted to the beauty of the art and rituals.

I had a spiritual awakening in my mid thirties when I found myself in my first Red Road (Indigenous Native American) ceremony. I knew that I had found the place I knew existed in my heart, though I did not know of it before. Gathering around the Fire with the Earth Altar, praying for the Water, this was everything in its proper place;  beyond human identity - elemental and multidimensional. This is where I have found healing, both personal and communal, and have uncovered my truths so I may live them. 

Now that I am in my eldership and the years ahead are fewer than the ones I have already lived, I feel a strong desire and impulse to share what I have gleaned from my life experiences and my singular perspective. 


Wedding Ceremonies

Menarche, Coming of Age Ceremonies

Life Transition Ceremonies

Memorial/Celebration of Life Ceremonies

Sacred Circle Gathering

Home Clearing

Council with individuals, families and groups. Sessions are in person, by phone, Facetime or Zoom.


"The empathy and care while keeping it real with me and holding me accountable for my choices has been healing and refreshing. I didn't really receive much of either growing up (like many of us)"

- P.R.   LMFT

"River has been a guiding light for myself and my family. She has worked with us to overcome ancestral years of shame and guilt and turn it into what truly matters, love for one another. Her wisdom and non-judgmental character bring peace and comfort to the environment in which she sets. She uses her skills as a non-violent communicator to enhance communication, seeking empathy and understanding among all parties."





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