Mandala Guidelines

We have simple guidelines to that create a co-creative, cooperative and cohesive experience.
  1. No words or commercial symbols are used. What is represented in the mandala is done symbolically and with images. There is a dynamic that happens when you allow images to communicate without the distraction of the written word guiding the experience.
  2. Participants and observers agree to work in concert with the mandala leaders/facilitators. Areas to paint and themes are discussed with the facilitators until mutual agreement is reached. This way we insure a diverse, co-creative and unified whole.
  3. Participants must be willing to work with others. Cohesiveness and cooperation are more important than the creation of a singular masterpiece within the whole. 
  4. Participation is Free. No payment is required. All costs of this Public Art project are funded through support by the city, arts grants and/or private donations. Participation is not dependent on socio/economic position. Anyone who wants to participate may do so when they show up and cooperate. All materials are provided. The support team comes from volunteers in the community.
  5. No age restrictions. Anyone who would like participate may. Our youngest painter was 1.5 yrs old, our eldest 84. Children must be accompanied by adults.
  6. Artistic ability is not important. Areas within the mandala are created for non-artists, burgeoning artists and skilled artists.