River's Philosophy

Posted on March 15 2024

This expresses some of River's world view
upon which her ministry is founded.
I/we live in a spiritually oriented society. The system is based on belief in worlds that exist beyond
the agreed upon societal perspectives. We live in a Continuous Life System where we arise into form,
are born, grow, mature, die and become fertilizer
for that which is preparing to manifest.
We can see this in the world all around us.
There are no such things as animate and inanimate objects, the world is alive and everything has spirit. It is experienced through our direct connection with the power that is greater than we are - which is called by many names- which animates life.
There can be many truths; truths are dependent
upon individual experiences. We must pay attention
and be present to what is operating in the moment
so we can understand this.
Society operates in a state of relatedness.
Everything and everyone is related. People and all manifestation in our environment are connected
and interdependent. Law, kinship and spirituality reinforce our connectedness.  Our healing comes 
through mending our dis-connections. 
Time is non-linear and cyclical in nature.
The seasons are central to this cyclical concept. We look to the natural world to reveal
to us the nature of the multi-verse we are part of.
Human beings are not the most important beings
in the world. We are interdependent with all beings on this planet. Feeling comfortable is measured
by the quality of our relationships with people
and the natural world. We are part of an interdependent system that is intricately woven together in ways,
that we as humans can only speculate about.
Wealth is important for the good of the community
rather than the individual. Wealth is determined
by what we can share, not by what we can hoard.
Wealth is not measured by monetary systems but by the health, well being and happiness of all living beings
and our environment. 
In our way of life, and in our prayers, we are aware of
our generations, our seven generations. That what
we do and how we live may be in support of
our young ones and those yet to come.
The world needs us to step into our power and 
our true power is the power of our love.
I carry an Earth Altar, The Fireplace of Man, 
and am an initiated Priestess of the Goddess
in the 13 Moon tradition. I have a ministry certificate
from the Universal Life Church. 
I have been deeply called to support other women in 
standing up in their/our authenticity and power. 
My greatest initiation was in healing my
fraught relationship with my mother. During the last ten years of her life as we became closer I could see her beauty with loving clarity and accept her love. I could feel her mother, my grandmother, with us when we were together. From that experience I felt that I was finally able to truly be a guide other women in their/our healing processes. As I go forward it is with a deep feeling of gratitude for this healing which lovingly informs
all of my relationships. I feel a deep fire within to share my ministry with those who are called to work with me.


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