River Jaguar Joy Sauvageau

Cultivating Joy and Purpose through Art, Community, and Spirituality

River is an artist, lay minister, community arts activist, and Tipi maker in the Ojai Valley in Southern California.

"Creativity awakens in us the power of now and brings value and meaning to every aspect of our lives."

Mandala Medicine Movement

The Mandala Medicine Movement unites people of all ages and artistic abilities in creating large, impermanent mandala paintings in public spaces. This fosters joy, community connection, and cultural enrichment.

Traditional mandala making symbolizes the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy.

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Tipi Making

River has been making ceremonial tipis since 2006. She brings her years of experience in the creative and healing arts to the making of these sacred containers.


I understand that living is about revealing and developing relationships with the many facets of Life. Everything is alive and moving. A shift in perception can open up whole worlds, unveiling the beauty of what is and what is possible.

In a way one could say that I have been creating containers - Bags, Tipis, Community Mandalas, Sacred Circle Gatherings - for people to engage with the everyday in a fresh and beautiful way.

Years ago I made the decision to create with meaning and purpose and I have put my heart and soul into my work. Thoughtfully brought forth and ethically crafted my core values are shown in my work.

Your voyage through my website is a journey into what has been blossoming and is now fruiting in my life.

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