Creative Sewing Classes

Creative Sewing Studio Classes

River has two ongoing sewing classes in her studio in Ojai California. 


River will lead you in an empowering and creative approach to sewing. Come experience how much fun it is to sew and create!

With a willingness to open up to the creative process and exploring in a safe and supportive environment you will enjoy making your own fabric creations.  One step at a time, you will learn new skills as you keep making things. 

We will first focus on learning how to use your machine, learning how to troubleshoot common problems and basic sewing machine etiquette. Every class you will go home with something practical that you made in class and can put to use right away.

Intermediate Sew-ers:

Do you want support with techniques that are a bit challenging on your own, have a project that you want some traction with, want help with fitting and pattern adjustment, etc..? River will support you in your sewing projects, teaching you new techniques in a supportive atmosphere with other creatives.

Pre-requisites: You are comfortable with using your sewing machine, know how to sew a straight seam and know the basics of putting things together. In this class you will bring a project that you are working on or want to start. We will be supporting each other in our projects, taking the time to gather around and observe each other when cutting/measuring/fitting so we learn from each other, as well as through our chosen projects. We learn how to problem solve by looking at things from different perspectives and seeing other’s approaches.

Class sizes are limited  to 5 students.

Reach out by text to River at 805 798-2221 for initial inquiries

I love working with others a studio setting and encouraging other's creativity while supporting them in exploring different techniques while creating. That is part of the pleasure of working in a group setting.

For classes you will need: 

Your own portable sewing machine,

 thread, fabric scissors, pins, seam ripper, measuring tape. 

You will be purchasing some supplies for a projects of your choice. Some materials are provided by River.

Each class session is one evening a week, for 6 weeks in a row. 


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