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"I can tell this bag was designed by a woman." is a comment frequently heard here at Studio Sauvageau.

Open the door into Studio Sauvageau's showroom and celebrate your senses in a realm of colors, patterns and shapes. Come and experience a visual feast laid out just for you.

Here you will see many different styles of bags made in a bounty of beautiful fabrics. Rarely does one have the opportunity to choose from such a delightful array of rich textures and vibrant colors in a collection of practical, well-designed bags.

Handcrafted on the premises with dedicated workmanship, using luxe fabrics and designed with an imperative for practicality (using waterproof lining fabrics, machine washable), Studio Sauvageau's Purses and Travel Bags are sought after by discriminating women the world over.


About Ms. River Lisa Sauvageau

Ms. River Lisa Sauvageau was raised in Quebec, Canada, and in the Hudson River Valley, in upstate New York. At the age of 7 she was introduced to the use of the sewing machine by her grandmother, Alice Beausejours Brodeur, and tutored in needlework skills by her aunts. By the time she was 12 years old, Ms. Sauvageau was creating her own wardrobe and by age 16, selling her original creations. As her skills grew she broadened her experience with costume design, soft sculpture, jewelry making and painting.

As a freelance designer Ms. Sauvageau has costumed over 50 theatrical productions as well as creating costumes for parades and promotional events. She has developed innovative patterning techniques and is an expert patternmaker as well as an accomplished designer.

Ms. Sauvageau believes in giving back to the community that inspires her. She has shared her time and efforts with a variety of organizations over the years. Her volunteer activities have included costume design and fundraising for Illusions Childrens' Theatre. She has helped to produce the annual Ojai Mardi Gras Benefit Ball, and has been an art director for "Ojai Day", an event where she leads the creation of the annual street Mandala.

In recent years Ms. Sauvageau has also expanded her opus with the creation of Ceremonial Tipis.

Ms. Sauvageau's committment to quality and creative integrity is reflected in her work which you can experience firsthand through the wonderful bags available through this website.


"I have come to understand that doing business is about creating and developing relationships - on many levels. As a craftswoman I have developed relationships with the materials I use, with proportion and shape, constuction techniques, finished products and with my line, as a whole. The longer I work at my craft, the more refined it becomes.

"My relationships with my clients are equally important to me; meeting the interesting and beautiful women who come in for my bags and who become my friends. As an artist and businesswoman I can respond directly to their needs. This has enabled me to develop my products and to more fully round out my line. Indeed, several of my bags were originally inspired by customers' requests.

"Being able to respond to my clients' needs provides a service that is rare in today's retail enviroment. At Studio Sauvageau I have created a beautiful and comfortable enviroment for sharing my work.

"I warmly invite you to come and experience Studio Sauvageau for yourself."

-River Lisa Sauvageau

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