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Custom Made East West Tote

$ 125.00

Select your favorite material from our list of fabrics and the East West Tote will be specially created and made by hand, with great care - just for you!  It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to have your custom order made and delivered to your doorstep 

The East-West Tote has a horizontal shape which is where it gets its name! It is a flat padded portfolio bag and looks deceptively small yet has a good capacity for holding your laptop, files and papers.

 The East-West Tote is designed to protect and carry your laptop with ease  with 1/4" firm yet flexile foam. With a top zippered your contents are easy to access.

Two fabric handles also fit over your shoulder  and are long enough to be used as handles without dragging on the ground. It has a capacious oval pocket on the outside and two large interior pockets. Lined with our durable, water-resistant lining fabric in a beautiful coordinating color.


17" wide, 12"high
Handles: 5/8" wide x 26" long.


A Note About Our Construction And Washability:

Since 1989 River Sauvageau has been designing and creating high quality bags in luxe fabrics with elegant and practical styling. With an emphasis on construction detail never seen by the end user, her bags have proven to please for almost three decades now.

The whole line has been designed and made to be machine washable, a great boon with fabric bags. Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent and air dry. Dirt and skin oils can wear on fibers therefore washing your bags occasionally, especially if used daily, will extend their life.

No leather is used on these vegan bags.

Made in the USA.

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