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Patch Purse in Vintage Botanical Jacquard

$ 75.00

This Patch Purse is made in our Vintage Botanical jacquard which is paired with a coordinating russet chenille fabric. . Lined in burgundy.

The Patch Purse is a petite vertical bag with sleek styling. Pieced with coordinating fabrics, or all one fabric, this small tapestry shoulder bag frames the beauty of the fabric in each of its sections A vertically-oriented rectangular bag with a zippered outer pocket and a zippered main compartment this bag is fully lined with our waterproof nylon lining fabric.

The label in the main compartment is also a pen holder. The shoulder strap is parachute cord, narrow and unobtrusive yet sturdy and is sewn down in a three step operation for dependable for long term use.

The Patch Purse is large enough to hold a Clutch Wallet, glasses, phone and keys while having a sleek silhouette. It is a favorite for gift giving because every woman can use another little bag in a beautiful fabric to brighten up her day.

 7" wide x 9"high
Shoulder Strap: 3/8" x 50" long cord

A note about our construction and washability:

Since 1989 River Sauvageau has been designing and creating high quality bags in luxe fabrics with elegant and practical styling that have served generations of women. With an emphasis on construction detail never seen by the end user, her bags have been proven to please since 1989.

The whole line has been designed and made to be machine washable, a great boon with fabric bags. Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent and air dry. Dirt and skin oils can wear on fibers therefore washing your bags occasionally, especially if used daily, will extend their life.

No leather is used on these vegan bags.





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