Studio Sauvageau

Wine Sleeve in Earthen Mandala Tapestry


A much appreciated gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, the Studio Sauvageau's  Wine Sleeve is tailored to cradle your special bottle of wine. Padded with a lightweight and dense foam, your bottle is protected as well as insulated.

The Wine Sleeve in Earthy Mandala Tapestry has four ray-like circles in light beige and greys that surround a grey and black center. The tiny stripes of the background of this weave are in russet tones of beige, orange and brown. Lined in red.

With a round base and a zippered opening down the side the Wine Sleeve is fully insulated and will keep wine cool for up to four hours, even in the hottest weather. With an adjustable carrying strap, the Wine Sleeve can be taken anywhere.

For those that carry a glass water bottle, the Wine Sleeve will carry and protect your glass bottle.

15" high x 4" D.

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